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Pxper is a small, free* and open source Windows application that makes websites HTML coding process simpler

* Pxper is free for both personal and commercial use
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About the Application

Pxper helps you to control position and size of the elements on the HTML page relative to the original layout using the guides and translucent images, which are displayed on top of all the Windows applications (so Pxper can work with any browser). You can compose a set of the guides and translucent images (by dragging them from the toolbar directly on the screen) and then use it again and again.

General Features

  1. Displaying horizontal, vertical guides and translucent images on top of all the Windows applications.
  2. Displaying distance between the guides and the edges of the screen while you add or move the guides.
  3. Generating horizontal, vertical guides and grid with a specified interval.
  4. Loading the sets of the guides from Adobe Photoshop files (.PSD).
  5. Saving and restoring the generated set of the guides and images.
  6. Moving and deleting the guides and images one by one or all at once.
  7. Turning on and off displaying of the guides and images, as well as the toolbar (including automatic turning off display of the guides when you activate the window with the given title, for example, to avoid overlapping of the development environment).
  8. Magnifying glass for more accurate actions and reducing the sensitivity of the mouse by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard.
  9. Measuring size of the elements on the screen.
  10. Saving and restoring toolbar state.



Adding a new vertical guide Adding a new vertical guide

Measuring mode Measuring mode